Starting with HOYER

Experience reports

Here you can read what our junior staff tell us about their training, the experiences they gained during their first six months, and what they particularly enjoyed.

Joana from Hamburg, Germany

“At the start of my training to become a business assistant for office management in HOYER, all the new trainees were welcomed into the business in an introductory week organised by the previous trainees. We were shown the departments, and for example we visited the Discovery Dock in Hamburg together with the other trainees. What I most enjoyed was a discussion with the trainees and Mr Thomas Hoyer personally.”

Moritz from Hamburg, Germany

“I became aware of the HOYER Group through the Internet page of the Hamburg Chamber of Commerce, and applied directly to train as an IT specialist for system integration. A short time after that, I received an invitation to attend a two-day practical internship, which enabled me to gain many impressions of working as an IT specialist in HOYER. The recruitment process was very pleasant.”

Reports from abroad

Yannik from Hamburg, Germany

“Downtown Dubai and the Marina district of Dubai impressed me most: It’s all modern, each building more elegant and higher than the next, and everyone showing off their cars. There were big differences in customs and practices – even on working days. The HOYER office was located directly at the airport in the Dubai Airport Freezone, where foreign companies without a domestic sponsor are situated. The team at that time consisted of 14 employees in the Sales, Operations and Cost Control departments. Because foreign companies can only trade a limited extent, we had a lot to do with local agents. I dealt mainly with data capture. An excursion to the container depot in Jebel Ali was exciting, but also very hot. Everyone in the office looked after me really fantastically, and I was able to ask for help at any time. After work, we also went out together feeling very relaxed. I can actually recommend an international internship in Dubai to anyone, and I really had a marvellous time!”

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