For the future of people and the environment

Quality and Sustainable Management

As a member of the sustainable management team, you will ensure the flawless implementation of the high safety, security, environmental and quality rules that apply to all activities concerning the transport and handling of liquid goods. You will also act as an expert consultant for both our customers and your colleagues in all questions relating to sustainable management topics such as sustainability, resource conservation and green logistics.

Moreover, you will be involved in identifying weaknesses in all the steps of the logistics process, after which you will determine measures to optimise them and to support HOYER in its global implementation of new standards and technologies. Your motivation will be to design and improve our worldwide work processes to be even safer, more effective and efficient, to prevent workplace accidents, and thus to improve logistics as a safe and professional activity in everyone’s interests. Sustainable logistics management is the future for human beings, the environment, and of our company.

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