More than clean


We are noted for the fact that our tank containers are cleaned absolutely free from product residues. There is a reason for it: With the subsidiary cotac, HOYER operates its own tank cleaning stations worldwide, where our specialist operatives clean both our own and customers’ equipment so thoroughly that no detectable product residues remain in the tank. That’s important – especially when handling and transporting liquid goods, some of which have special characteristics and must on no account come into contact with previous loads.

As a cleaner, you must be physically and mentally stable: for example, you must not be scared of climbing onto and occasionally into a container to clean it, while maintaining the highest standards of safety. Regardless of whether you bring experience with you or enrich our team as a career-changer: if you want to shine professionally, are extremely aware of quality, safety and security, and bring enjoyment into your dealings with customers, you can make many things possible with us.

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