HOYER Mitarbeiter mit Warnweste steht vor einigen IBC
HOYER Mitarbeiter mit Warnweste steht vor einigen IBC

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Equipment Services

With technically-oriented staff, engineers, chemists and technical and commercial specialists in our own ranks, HOYER has achieved a clear competitive advantage in the logistics market. We spare no effort to put into practice our customers’ requirements regarding equipment in the areas of the chemical, gas, petroleum, and food industries – always with the aim of maintaining our high quality and absolute safety and security in all aspects of handling and transportation, while increasing our efficiency at the same time. To achieve this, our logistics experts are in close technical collaboration with one another, and work together hand in hand.

As a commercial chemist, you will undertake chemical analyses; for instance, you will determine and specify the most suitable material for the construction of a new tank container designed to transport a certain product. You are, of course, totally familiar with the construction material compatibility of the many sensitive products which HOYER carries for its customers. As an engineer, your technical expertise will be critical during the construction of the container – from drafting the specifications together with the customer and fabricating the container to commissioning it. Not only will we be able to meet all the requirements for handling and transporting dangerous goods as a result of your work, thereby maintaining our high standards, but you will also improve our services. As a technical specialist, you will be responsible for controlling and implementing the servicing and maintenance of our tank containers within our worldwide service network. Our commercial specialists take care of both the entire strategic fleet management and the technical data management as a basis for the operational management of our tank containers.

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